Santorum Takes Climate Change Denial To A Biblical Level

Climate change denial has become a litmus test for modern Republicans, but Rick Santorum, in his fondness for melding faith and government, has become one of the precious few to cite the Bible as evidence that the science-accepting crowd has it all wrong — and apparently the first to bring that thinking to the presidential stage.

“We were put on this Earth as creatures of God to have dominion over the Earth, to use it wisely and steward it wisely, but for our benefit not for the Earth’s benefit,” Santorum told a Colorado crowd earlier this month.

He went on to call climate change “an absolute travesty of scientific research that was motivated by those who, in my opinion, saw this as an opportunity to create a panic and a crisis for government to be able to step in and even more greatly control your life.”

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THE ENTIRE WORLD IS WATCHING THIS HAPPEN IN AMERICA! THE ENTIRE WORLD! Yes that was in all caps because I was yelling.  I’m so embarrassed and I’m not the one saying this shit.  But people will say, “Americans are stupid” not just Santorum and his ilk.  I can’t not blog about politics because our politicians have turned into televangelists.  Un-freaking-believable!  ~ Kim

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